Most cloud consultants have it wrong!

They focus on IT, not on people.

Let us bring your cloud program on the path to success from the very beginning with our advisory services.

Finding the right solution for your organization and its needs, getting the right people on board, properly implementing the technology and ensuring adoption can be very challenging tasks. All of these steps must be accomplished to successfully transition to the cloud and experience true transformation. As an experienced partner, we guide your business through each stage of your cloud program.

Creativity isn’t a talent, it’s a way of operating.

John Cleese

Business transformation


Our Transformation Labs are an opportunity to bring People, Process, and Technology together to transform the way you work. Participants will look at their own business processes, brainstorm opportunities to leverage cloud solutions, build prototypes, and walk away with a roadmap to sustain long-term innovation.


Shows that change can be fun.

For everyone

Everyone is creative. You’d be surprised.

Change management

A lot has been written about change. Many users struggle to adopt new technologies when training and change management is not provided alongside the deployment or implementation. If they don’t understand and embrace new solutions, negativity around the implementation can grow.

Our training and change management services ensure a smooth, disruption-minimized transition and are designed to maximize workforce adoption, utilization and proficiency. We have a full course catalog of cloud training options which can be delivered in any combination and customized to best meet the needs of your organization.

On-site training

Face-to-face interaction and immediate response.

Webinar training

Top-notch education without leaving your seat.

Project management

Effective project management and leadership is important. Reliable project management greatly reduces the risk of failure, facilitates quality throughout the process, and imposes accountability into the daily activities of the project team.

Our track record of on-time, on-budget deliveries is our business card. We understand how to plan, manage, and control all the critical tasks and deliverables needed to arrive at a successful conclusion.



Technical deployment

Migration and deployment to the cloud are intimidating, unless you have a partner. Kumondo enables to conduct business as usual as we manage your data migration details, with little to no interruption to your day-to-day operations.


We have helped over 250 organizations in Europe.

The tools we recommend

Being fully certified for Google Apps we certainly have a soft spot for Google Drive for Work and Chromebooks. Or are you looking for a document management system or advanced file server capabilities based on Google Drive? Well, we are AODocs partners.

Yes, we do have Office 365 experience and have implemented  Awingu‘s workspace aggregation software.

As a matter of fact, our list of implemented apps is rather long and includes solutions for teamwork without email such as Asana, Slack and many others.

We focus on people, not on IT.